Wasp Training Hand Grenade Paint (Packing = 20 pcs.)

Wasp Training Hand Grenade Paint (Packing = 20 pcs.)
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Item Description:

WASP exercise grenades simulation grenades for use in paintball and airsoft as well as for police and military exercises.

As usual with a real hand grenade is ignited by pulling the Sicherungssplints and then throwing, whereby the igniter is activated. After about 3-5 seconds the grenade explodes and spreads its color charge it in all directions.

The color grenade with BAM approval
(BAM-Nr.: BAM-P1-0377) is very reliable, easy to use and weatherproof.
Diameter: 60 mm
Length: 120 mm
Weight: 120 g
Emission radius: min. 4 meters